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Over 600,000apk & 30billion download

The Biggest Android Platform in China

360 Mobile Assistant is the premier store for distributing Android apps in China. The 360 platform has over 275 million active users, growing at a rapid rate every month.

The premier launch partner

360 Mobile Assistant provide the localization support to Android developers; offer developers a customer-made distribution plan and variety of marketing tools to promote the apps.

An outstanding business tools

360 customers can use all the common payment methods domestic by integrating the 360 SDK. The revenue share will distribute to your account promptly and efficiently.

The safe channel

Users in China rely on 360 platform because of its safe download environment. All apps and games uploaded on the platform will pass our auditing and certification system, that ensure the quali-fication of the applications as well.

About 360 Mobile Assistant

As an open distribution android app store, 360 Mobile Assistant enables developers to reach the largest number of Android users in China. 360 Mobile Assistant is the first choice for app users in China, users can simply manage their smart phone with a-click . learn More