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Case study

Plants Vs Zombies

360 made a global premier launch of 《Plants Vs Zombies》, and got nearly 200 million download within the first 24 hrs. The daily revenue even reached over 150,000 USD. The performance of the PVZ has created so splendid record that the Chinese game industry take it as a model as well.

Wind Runner

360 made a strategy cooperation with Korean developer WeMade and make a global premier launch of the game 《Wind Runner》.360 reached nearly 50 million in the first 10 days, which create a brilliant record of the game in China. Namchul Kim, the CEO of WeMade once said in an interview that WeMade hopes to rely on the powerful platform of 360 to expand business from Korean to China. WeMade will also keep close cooperation with 360 to bring as many fun games to China as the demands from players in China.

Temple Run

360 made a premier launch of 《Temple Run 2》 , even ahead of Google Play. 360 got over 570,000 download in the first 24 hours. In the 3rd day of launching, the download reached 25 million. With this excellent performance,360 has gain deeply trust of Imangi Studio, the developer of 《Temple Run 2》. And Imangi once said in an interview that they believe the cooperation with 360 in China will bring both the game and the company onto a new level in China.
They expressed their confidence with 360’s 200 million users and splendid operation ability.